You've tried switching too recently

I have just moved into a new flat (on the weekend), and have contacted the landlord about who the previous tenant was supplied by. The landlord said Bulb had supplied energy to the apartment previously so I enquired about continuing this tariff but received an email saying ’ You’ve tried switching too recently: Sadly we aren’t able to bring your electricity supply over to Bulb because you’ve tried to switch it to another supplier recently.’

I, myself, have not tried to switch. I have only enquired about continuing to be supplied by Bulb. Perhaps the landlord had enquired previously? But I would still be interested in keeping with Bulb.

Can someone please advise me on this?


Hi @edward_mitchem, welcome to Bulb community, first and foremost :raised_hands:

I’m going to send you an email about this today, so we can take a look into this for you. Keep an eye out for that :+1: